Russell Treasure delivering a mindfulness workshop

Mindfulness is rapidly becoming a mainstream practice in both the home and workplace and I can show you how to be mindful and relax.

In the session we will discuss and practice various techniques.

I run a half day course for beginners and existing practitioners to learn all of these practices and to take away a variety of strategies that you can use whilst carrying out many daily activities.

This is also excellent for people who struggle with sleeping and a lack of concentration.

Other services I offer:

Russell Treasure with a client working one to one
Personal 1-1 Sessions

Would you prefer to receive one to one instruction? I visit homes and workplaces to teach you to relax…

Russell Treasure
Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

Mindful Business. Bring mindfulness into your office or business. Many organisations across the world are offering this…

Russell Treasure
Understanding Your Subconscious Mind

This is for people interested in learning how to develop a connection with your own healing ability using Mindful Pain Relief

Man looking tired, not sleeping well

Having trouble sleeping?

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