Mindfulness is scientifically proven to help you deal with your working life with more patience, awareness and presence.

More and more major companies are bringing this essential training method to their staff to create a better working environment.

With proven results in lowering stress, increasing productivity and enhancing well-being, the benefits speak for themselves. Having worked successfully with numerous Local Authorities and major businesses in the North West, Mindfulness is becoming an integral part of an organisation’s commitment to their staff.

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Russell Treasure delivering a mindfulness workshop
Mindfulness Workshops

Meditation is rapidly becoming a mainstream practice in both the home and the workplace…

Russell Treasure
Mindfulness Classes

When I practice mindfulness with my clients, we concentrate on the present moment and surrounding environment…

Russell Treasure
Personal 1-1 Sessions

Would you prefer a one to one session? I can visit you at your home or in your workplace and teach you to relax…

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Having trouble sleeping?

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