Using the breath to relax

Using the breath to relax

Using the breath to relax
  Published to Mindfulness on Apr 05, 2017

Take time-out to breathe…​

This is an introduction to using our own breath to relax.  Taking a “mental break” during busy times ‘recharges our batteries’ allowing us to work productively - and with job satisfaction.

“I do my job like I breathe — so if I can’t breathe I’m in trouble.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Rather than simply finding ourselves physically exhausted or emotionally stressed, angry or feeling under-appreciated, we can use mindfulness to notice and appreciate the physical symptoms and thoughts that occur - as a result of both the internal and external world - as we experience the very natural stress-induced changes. This allows us to live 'in the moment' taking conscious control of how we interpret and react to those stressors and pressures.

Mindful breathing is shown to readily reduce stress hormones and gain stability for the mind, allowing us to focus, think rationally and produce creatively - and is advocated by clinical health professionals.

For example, perhaps you become aware that you are having difficulty focusing on the job in hand, fidgeting and procrastinating – and that the resultant worrying about this makes it even harder to regain that focus.

So?  It’s normal! Be mindful and think as it occurs. You may be saying: “I am distracted.” Well, that’s a thought too. Allow yourself to accept this; think authentically and move on to the next thought – notice what you physically feel. You might realise that you need some air, or are thirsty, hungry or simply need to move around or make a call. Just do it and then you can re-engage in your task. 

Find one of your local mindfulness/meditation classes - if you are in Cheshire, our class times and venues can be found here: -

There is an extensive report by Harvard Medical on pdf format here should you want an in depth study to read.

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