I honestly felt like I had made it, I WAS arguably on top of the world. But when you’re flying high and at the edge of the atmosphere, many would argue THAT there’s only one way to go.

And like many benevolent and well meaning kings, when you open yourself up to the world, sometimes the world will be out to get you.

As it was with me, Russell Treasure. I had risen to the top of my game, and was extremely successful. 1 Aston Martin, 2 Lamborghinis, 2 Bentley’s and a handful of Lotus’, and a house that oozed luxuries that made bragging about them a daily ritual. Not to mention my flying licence, but that’s another story.

This is before the universe said that it just wasn’t meant to be. Circumstances combined, betrayal close to home hit me hard, and ultimately, I fell from my throne.

But it was only in that deepest, darkest, moment; alone and on the edge, that the true soul is exposed and a connection can truly be established.

Saved by meditation, and an intervention of sorts, I discovered that there was something more to the world; there was another way of helping people. A way to help people connect. And it was then, in that instant, exposed to anything and yet free from everything, that I discovered my true purpose in life – Mindfulness Meditation, a way to break into my inner self and use a Russell Treasure twist, to truly help others, which in turn, helped myself.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of mindfulness meditation?2023-01-18T17:19:27+00:00

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool for improving mental health and well-being. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and promote feelings of peace and relaxation.

In addition, research has shown that long-term meditators are much less likely to suffer from depression, insomnia, and other psychological disorders. There is no doubt that meditation offers tremendous health benefits to anyone who practices it consistently.

What is mindfulness?2023-01-18T17:16:04+00:00

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, and surroundings in the present moment. It encourages an acceptance of life as it is without judgement or reaction. Mindfulness can help cultivate greater self-awareness leading to improved physical and mental health.

Real-life results

“I’ll admit I was pretty sceptical about mindfulness at first but being desperate for a good nights sleep I thought I’d try it. I remember coming out of the first session really relaxed and tired. I’d not felt like this for a while and that night I slept so well I missed my alarm.” Read More

Phil Perkins, Client

Phil Perkins

“Russell has helped our 8 year old son who has adhd. He has given him life skills to help him deal with things when his mind gets to much. He has also taught him how to relax his mind to help him to sleep. We practice these with our son and he loves it. We are very grateful to Russell for working with Liam and for giving us the tools to help him manage. He’s an amazing man thankyou X.”

Helen Davies

I have just completed Russell’s 10 week mindfulness course. It was brilliant. I feel as though it has changed my life. I now live more in the now and stress as much about my past. Russell was a great teacher and I learned so much from him and from the other lovely people on the course. I intend to try and pass the gift of mindfulness on to whoever I feel will benefit. I highly recommend any courses Russell is facilitating. Thank you Russell.”

Jackie Emmerson

“I had never tried mindfulness before and didn’t know what it involved but I have found it very useful with the little tricks that Russell has taugh use to control my breathing and being able to relax. Russell is very honest and upfront about his past and is willing to listen and help people going through difficult issues.”

Mike Goodwin

“I am extremely grateful for the work Russell has done with me and my mindfulness team, and would not hesitate to continue working with him in the future.” Read More

Halton Borough Council Testimonial

Kevan Collier, Halton Borough Council

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